Travelling to South Africa - We welcome you!

Posted on Thu April 15, 2021 in General.

South Africa reopened to travelers at the end of 2020, and the country relaxed its stringent day-to-day restrictions on February 28.

What are the restrictions?
All travelers must complete a screening form within 48 hours of their trip to produce on their device at the airport. On arrival, they must present a paper copy of a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival. It must be signed by the person who took the test. You should take several copies, in case you have to hand them over at different stages. Those arriving without a test are subject to quarantine at their own expense.
Screening is ongoing at all points of entry.
Transits are also allowed, though again you must present the same negative PCR test.
Business travelers going between South Africa and the Southern African Development Community of 15 other states in Southern Africa must also produce the same negative PCR test, but are allowed multiple entries over 14 days.

What's the Covid situation?
South Africa has seen 1.57 million infections and more than 54,000 deaths, as of April 26.
Although that's not by any means the highest death or infection rate, the South African variant of the disease appears to spread more easily. There are also concerns that vaccines might be slightly less effective against it -- although it's thought they still offer protection against severe disease.